Anita Washington, Sedrick Clayton: Alabama Son Charged In Mother’s Murder

When Anita Washington’s ex shot her in a school parking lot in 2008, she was happy to be alive after surviving the attack. But, now police say they have arrested her own flesh and blood son, Sedrick Clayton, for her murder this week. Anita Washington had been reported missing just days earlier, the Montgomery Advertiser is reporting today.

Investigators say the body of a black female had been found in Sandtown by a rancher who was looking for a cow who had wandered away not far from his cattle ranch. Police are confident the body is that of missing victim Anita Washington. An autopsy report will confirm the finding. One identifying factor is the bullet that is still lodged into the base of Anita Washington’s skull from the shooting years earlier.

“While we are pleased to announce that an arrest has been made in this case, our job is not complete. In speaking with our detectives there were numerous indicators that this young man was not acting as a normal individual would under the circumstances, stated P.K. Johnson, Police Chief of Millbrook Police Department.”

Referring to Sedrick Clayton, P.K. Johnson continued.

“We knew, based on information received from the family, that he was the last person to see Ms. Washington Tuesday afternoon. As our investigation continued, our investigators learned that the relationship between mother and son had become contemptuous over the last week prior to her being reported missing. As we continued to receive information that this relationship had become strained Clayton became a person of interest.”

Anita Lafay Washington, 49, was last seen on Tuesday. After her disappearance, police were notified that Anita Washington had not been getting along with her son, and that the mother-son relationship had become more volatile over the last several weeks. Sedrick Clayton (aka Sedric Clayton), 27, lived with his mother, Anita L. Washington, at a home located at 99 Hilton Circle in Deatsville, Alabama. That information, along with physical evidence, convinced detectives that Sedrick Clayton was involved, according to WSFA-12.

In the 2008 ambush shooting, Anita Washington was in the process of picking up her child from school in Prattville, when she was surprised by Irilmoskomazzerella Washington. Anita Washington was going through a custody battle with her ex-husband at the time, according to WSFA-12.

Police say the custody dispute became so intense that Irilmoskomazzerella Washington shot Anita Washington in the parking lot of the school as students looked on. The victim was transported to a local hospital, where she survived. Irilmoskomazzerella Washington was charged and convicted for attempted murder. He is currently serving a 20-year sentence in an Alabama correctional facility for attempted murder.

Family and friends are devastated by Washington’s death, especially after she survived the 2008 attack.

“It’s unbelievable that something like this could happen to her, not once but twice,” said one concerned citizen. “It sounds like something out of a movie,” stated another.

Another domestic murder case was previously reported by The Inquisitr involving a teen son who shot and killed his mother and his father. Sedrick Clayton is being held without bond in the Elmore County Jail. This case is not to be confused with the Sedrick Clayton Tennessee murder case.