Gaza Poll: 87.6 Percent Of Palestinians Want Long-Term Ceasefire Agreement With Israel

As war in the middle east continues to rage between Israel and the terror network of Hamas in Gaza, Palestinian civilians are finally speaking out about the toll the recent conflict has had on them and an overwhelming majority want a long-term ceasefire with Israel.

A survey released on Saturday by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO), found that 87.6 percent of Palestinians surveyed in Gaza want an agreement with Israel and a stop to the fighting, while 93.2% said that disarmament of Hamas and the Gaza Strip was out of the question.

Understandably, Israel’s primary demand has been for the disarmament of the Hamas terrorists in Gaza, who have fired over 3,700 short and long-range rockets at the Jewish State and built an elaborate network of tunnels in order to infiltrate Israel and kill civilians.

During ceasefire talks in Cairo, Hamas also said that disarmament was an unacceptable term and insisted that timetables be imposed to build a sea and airport inside the Gaza Strip.

When Palestinians were asked by the PCPO poll about their thoughts on Egypt as a mediator in the conflict, 14.7 percent said that they were very content, 31.3 percent said fairly content, and 33.4 percent said that they weren’t content at all.


Another interesting topic dealt with in the poll was that it also asked Palestinians what they thought about ISIS and its successes in Iraq and Syria. 85.2 percent of voters said that they are opposed to ISIS, although 13.1 percent said that they support the group.

In the survey, 1000 people from across the Gaza Strip were polled, offering a good cross-section of opinion.

It may not be the case that the average Palestinian necessarily wants peace with Israel, but due to the terrible blow dealt to Hamas by the Israeli Defense Forces, a long-term ceasefire is an increasingly appealing option in Gaza which has been bombed heavily over the last six weeks.