Kelly Ripa Is Ripped: Personal Trainer Reveals Her Secret To Perfect Abs

Kelly Ripa made the news headlines this week after she fell victim to the ice-bucket challenge which is sweeping the internet at the moment.

By all accounts, as well as looking hot and perfectly toned, Kelly did extremely well not to totally freaked out when she poured a large bucket of ice cold water over her head on camera alongside her husband, Mark Consuelos, reported ABC News.

Following the posting of Kelly Ripa’s ice bucket challenge video, comments pointed out that “Ripa looks ripped” because, after three kids and aged 43, she looks amazingly toned and defined.

Kelly’s personal trainer to the stars, Anna Kaiser from AKT, spoke to reporters about Kelly’s fitness regime and dropped a few secrets about how she keeps herself looking so good.

“She works out four to five days per week for 90 minutes per session. Her work ethic is more insane than anyone I’ve ever met!” Kaiser revealed, noting that Kelly Ripa’s secret to success is discipline.

Kaiser continued to spill some more gems about her four to five days per week client and how she has such a flat tummy:

“It’s really every trainer’s dream for their client to want it as badly as you want it for them, and she really puts in the work. She doesn’t expect instant results yet still is so focused, committed, and intense about her fitness.”

Talking of flat tummies and toned abs, Kaiser also spoke about how simply doing a bunch of crunches every day isn’t going to give anyone the results they want, unless they diet as well:

“The first rule is that you’re not going to get abs by doing a bunch of crunches. If you want to see your abs, you have to lose fat. I want to be sure there are no misconceptions that specific abs exercises will give you abs! I work with the core.”

It may not be easy to achieve great abs and a flat stomach, especially post-40 and after three kids, but Kelly Ripa is proof it can be done with a little self-control, discipline, and, of course, a good personal trainer.