Darren Wilson X-Rays: CNN Claims Ferguson Cop Not Beaten Badly By Michael Brown

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson did not sustain an orbital fracture or damage eye socket before the Michael Brown shooting, according to CNN. News producer Julian Cummings posted multiple tweets on Twitter claiming that all statements about Mike Brown severely injuring the Ferguson officer were entirely false.

The CNN producer said this in his August 21 tweets:

“Reports that Ofc Darren Wilson had a bruised or fractured eye socket are false. #ferguson a source close to the investigation tells CNN. Wilson was taken to the hospital after the shooting. He had xrays which came back negative. He was treated for a swollen face.”

Darren Wilson has not yet made a public statement or a police-released statement about the Michael Brown shooting. Wilson’s medical records are protected by HIPPA laws and any X-rays or reports garnered by the county prosecutor would likely be deemed private as part of an ongoing investigation. The CNN source claiming that Mike Brown did not severely beat the Ferguson police officer and cause an orbital fracture remains unnamed and unverified.

Julian Cummings is a “field producer” at CNN and a self-proclaimed media and culture junkie” and a “professional New York,” according to his Twitter account. Some online posters have dubbed CNN the “Cops Not Needed” network as a slam at the news network’s allegedly biased coverage against law enforcement officers in Ferguson.

Don Lemon, also a CNN reporter, stated during a broadcast from Ferguson that Darren Wilson was merely treated for swelling around his face and eyes after the Michael Brown shooting.

Lemon had this about what the CNN source relayed about statements that Wilson has suffered an orbital fracture:

“The sources said it is not true, at all, he did not have a torn eye socket. Unequivocally.”

The extent of the Ferguson police officer’s injuries will likely be a key factor in both defense and prosecution arguments if the grand jury does decide to indict Darren Wilson on criminal charges over the Mike Brown shooting. If severely beaten by the strong-arm robbery suspect, lethal force would be justified, according to legal experts. The swelling caused by the alleged eye socket fracture may have also played a role in the officer’s aim during the Ferguson shooting.


As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Darren Wilson has been a police officer for six years and has no disciplinary complaints in his file. Wilson received an award by the Ferguson City Council earlier this year for his handling of a suspicious vehicle complaint involving a defensive subject inside the car. A GoFundMe account set up to aid Wilson and his legal defense garnered more than $200,000 from supporters.

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