Floyd Mayweather Jr Fires Back at Illiteracy Claims – With A Picture of His Paychecks?!

Floyd Mayweather Jr cannot read very well at all, but feels like that doesn’t matter because of his multi-million dollar income.

In response to the viral videos from 50 Cent and audio footage from New York radio station Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Floyd Mayweather Jr chose to respond in perhaps the most superficial way possible — he tweeted a picture of his two most recent paychecks from Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions with the caption:

Read This $72,276,000.00. God Bless.

This tweet was a direct response to the audio footage aired by The Breakfast Club on Friday morning. In the clip, Floyd Mayweather Jr is struggling to read an on-air promotional message (known as a “drop”) that should have only taken about ten seconds to complete. The other DJs at the station were very reluctant to air this footage, but Charlemagne Tha God ignored them and played it anyway.

Since it was first released by the MoneyStacksMatt YouTube channel, this unedited footage of the 37-year-old undefeated boxer getting beat down by a promotional script has gone viral.

As you probably know already, the claims that Floyd Mayweather Jr can’t read did not start with Charlemagne Tha God and The Breakfast Club. These claims actually started when 50 Cent fired back at Floyd earlier this week with a challenge of his own! With a bucket of water by his side, 50 Cent used an Instagram video challenged Floyd Mayweather Jr to simply read a page from a Harry Potter book. If Mayweather accepted the challenged and passed it successfully, 50 Cent offered to donate $750,000 to a charity of his choice.

50 Cent then fired back a little later with yet another challenge. He claimed that he worked out another challenge with Jimmy Kimmel. Since reading a page from a Harry Potter book would be too hard for Floyd, they agreed to just allow him to read a page from Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat instead:

The very first public reaction from Floyd Mayweather Jr to any of these challenges and footage leaks came in the form of those tweeted pictures of Floyd’s paychecks.

Clearly, Floyd Mayweather feels as if the fact that he made over $72 million from these two checks alone nullifies the fact that he cannot read a simple promotional message. Chances are that he probably would struggle with reading a page from any book and simply has other people read things to him instead.

However, for this 37-year-old father to not view his illiteracy as a problem that can’t be fixed with big paychecks, what exactly does that say about Floyd Mayweather Jr? What kind of example is he setting for his children?

[Image Credit: Daily Stormer]