If You Are Pro-Life, You Shouldn’t Support The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Over the past three to four weeks, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken the internet by storm. Prominently continued through social media, the challenge has already been performed by many, in which The Inquisitr has reported Kermit the Frog, Kelly Clarkson, Will Smith, and Benedict Cumberbatch (who got naked for his to the possible delight of fans).

However, there are now reports coming in that would suggest that people who are pro-life shouldn’t partake in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

According to an article by Opposing Views, the American Family Association (AFA) Christian radio host Kevin McCullough made a recent claim that the money raised for the challenge will go to the ALS Association. This probably is common knowledge and is expecting because the challenge has already raised over $22 million, but what people don’t know is what the ALS Association is specifically doing with that money. True, they know they are supporting research for ALS, but how are they doing it is the question.

Fortunately for us, Kevin McCullough details why pro-lifers shouldn’t support the ALS Association, a company that uses embryonic stem cells for their research. He explained this in a writer on the AFA website which is quoted below.

“The funding of embryonic stem cell research means that children are created and at their earliest stages of life they are destroyed so that the stem cells (from usually the base of the brain) can be harvested to perform tests with…. That is in essence philosophical cannibalism and moral persons should have no part in it.”

For those who don’t know, there are two types of stem cells. The first are known as adult stem cells, which are found in various tissues. The second is embryonic stem cells. In order to get embryonic stem cells, they must be harvested from fertilized embryos. In that sense, stem cells might be provided to ALS Association from abortion clinics or from a company that had the means to abort fertilized embryos.

Sun Sentinel followed up on the original article in which they report that the ALS Association responded to Kevin McCullough’s letter. Carrie Munk of the ALS Association stated the following in the American Life League back in July.

“The ALS Association primarily funds adult stem cell research. Currently, The Association is funding one study using embryonic stem cells (ESC), and the stem cell line was established many years ago under ethical guidelines set by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS); this research is funded by one specific donor, who is committed to this area of research. In fact, donors may stipulate that their funds not be invested in this study or any stem cell project. Under very strict guidelines, The Association may fund embryonic stem cell research in the future.”

We should also report that the ALS Association has been found to do testing on animals as well, which is why Pamela Anderson refused to be involved in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

What do you think about the ALS Association using embryonic stem cells for their research? Is it completely valid (along with testing with animals) because it is for a good cause? Or does the good cause not justify animal testing and using stem cells from aborted embryos? Better yet, do you think the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is actually supporting stem cell research? Let us know in the comments below.

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