Giant Crack In Earth Suddenly Appears In Rural Northwest Mexico [Video]

A giant crack in the earth has stunned and worried locals in a rural Mexican town and scientists are baffled about its origin.

According to Sky News, the crack is about 26 feet deep, as much as 16 feet wide, and opened up in the earth last week. The giant crack even split Highway 26 between Hermosillo and the coast in two.

Footage from a drone flying along the length of the crack, which is a little over half a mile in length, was captured by Hermosillo Desde El Cielo.

The ground is unstable, so residents, farmers, and other vehicles must move around the delicate area.

Not too far away near Highway 4, another crack was reported to have opened up.

According to KRMG, the University of Sonora believes an underground stream may have caused the giant crack to open the earth above it. However, other scientists believe that the San Andreas fault plays a part in the splitting of the ground.

There was an earthquake last Sunday, and the civil protection unit believes it to be the cause of the crack in the earth.

Sky News reports that El Imparcial, a local newspaper, stated that an investigation into the matter pointed fingers at farmers in the area. Some farmers have built up a levee to collect rainwater. The levee began to leak, which caused an underground stream to form. The stream eroded some of the earth, and the fissure formed. However, there is no proof that this is what caused the giant split in the earth.

Researchers are planning to study the giant crack in the earth further.

[Image via YouTube]