Benedict Cumberbatch Gets Naked For Ice Bucket Challenge, It’s Epic [Video]

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is still going strong, and Benedict Cumberbatch became the latest celebrity to be nominated to dump the chilling water over his head. However, this one had a twist, since apparently the Brit was too busy to do it earlier and missed the 24-hour window.

In case you’ve been living under a rock or in space and haven’t heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge, here is a short summary of what it entails. Started by an ALS sufferer, Pete Frates, the campaign aims to bring awareness and raise funds to help find a cure for the debilitating disease. Those nominated to take the challenge must either donate money and/or dump a bucket full of ice water over their head and nominate three additional people.

Benedict Cumberbatch was nominated by several people and had not completed the Ice Bucket Challenge, but his agent had assured anxious fans that it would be done as soon as the popular Brit had some spare time in his busy schedule. The 38-year-old Sherlock star went above and beyond and responded to each one of the challenges separately, he even got naked to the delight of the “Cumberbitches,” as his loyal followers call themselves.

The first one to nominate Cumberbatch was Thor star Tom Hiddleston, and we could almost hear a collective “Yes!” Here is the video of that challenge:

Hiddleston was pleased that his buddy Ben accepted his nomination and posted this on Twitter:

“Bring on the bucket,” Benedict Cumberbatch says as he takes the first of many Ice Bucket Challenges and the freezing water is poured over him. But, to everyone’s surprise, this was only the beginning.


Fans of the super-talented and good-looking Brit were in for a treat with this clip, which not only shows that he is willing to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge, but he has a fantastic sense of humor. The video begins with Benedict Cumberbatch sitting on what looks to be a deck of some sort.

Somebody dumps a large amount of ice water over Benedict’s head, after which he is seen running to the shower while undressing himself and getting more freezing water thrown at him. But the Ice Bucket Challenge doesn’t end there. Cumberbatch is doused twice more, once as he is wearing a very crisp looking suit and lastly as he gets on his motorcycle.

Benedict Cumberbatch was a trooper and responded to all his Ice Bucket Challenges, so check out his video. He nominated Kylie Minogue, Lewis Hamilton, and Harvey Weinstein.

[Image via YouTube]