‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Finalizes Divorce… Is She Already Planning A Wedding?

No one is happier than Teen Mom 2’s former “bad girl” Jenelle Evans that her divorce from Courtland Rogers has been finalized, but there have been some very heavy hints that Evans is ready to jump right back into the marriage game.

Evans and Courtland’s relationship has always been tumultuous, and Courtland’s influence on Jenelle has been negative… not that Jenelle ever need much persuasion there. But the two were arrested together on a heroin charge while still married. Janelle filed for divorce after only 16 months of marriage.

Jenelle reportedly expected the divorce process to be a lot more complicated, especially since when she initially filed, she had some major concerns. When she did file for divorce, for example, she had recently announced her second pregnancy and worried that Courtland would pursue custody or otherwise interfere. Jenelle’s lawyer, however, maintained that Courtland would need a paternity test to prove he was the father of Jenelle’s baby… and the baby was most definitely not Courtland’s, but that of Nathan Griffith, Jenelle’s now current boyfriend.

In fact, last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 showed that Jenelle is officially in a committed relationship with Nathan Griffith, but there has been plenty of buzz over just how committed the two may be, and whether they are seriously considering taking that commitment to the next level.

Jenelle posted a picture via Twitter on Friday of herself and her current boyfriend in a jewelry store, clearly looking at engagement rings. Another picture of the rings the two were browsing was also posted on Jenelle’s Instagram page. The two already have a child together. However, both she and Griffiths have been secretive about whether or not wedding plans are in the makes.

But you don’t just look at engagement rings unless you are at least considering marriage, right? From what can be seen in the picture Jenelle took, those are some serious engagement rings!

Those are some serious engagement rings!

Jenelle laid some heavy hints about an engagement after the birth of her second son, Kaiser, in late June of this year. But at that time, her pending divorce with Courtland prevented any real possibility of marriage. Now, however, there is no first husband lurking inconveniently in the background. Other issues, such as Griffith’s current joblessness and obligation to pay child support, may prove to be troublesome obstacles as well.

Certainly Jenelle’s relationship with Nathan Griffith appears to be more stable than any of her prior relationships — but, of course, that is really relative and Jenelle’s prior commitments have set a pretty low bar. After all, a then-pregnant Jenelle was arrested following an apparently loud argument with Griffith in December of last year, and eventually booked for “breaching the peace.”

But for Jenelle Evans, that really may be what passes for a stable relationship!

What do you think? Is the reality star getting ready to plunge head-first into another marriage before the ink is even dry on her divorce papers?

[Images via Teen Mom Gossip and Instagram]