Could ‘Batman V Superman’ Be Partly Set In Washington D.C.?

Could recent Batman v Superman on-set photos indicate that some of the action will take place in Washington, D.C.? If these photos are any indication, it appears at least some scenes of Zack Snyder’s blockbuster will occur there.

An alert Twitter user and Comic Book contributor, The Banana Doctor (@Bananadoc), has been taking set photos of the action in Detroit since the production moved outdoors a couple of weeks ago. Without noticing, the intrepid reporter captured a series of photos that could indicate some of the action takes place in the American capital.

The pics in question show a building that looks a lot like the Library of Congress and, even more significantly, a city bus with the logo “Georgetown Touring Co.” and a police car which displays “Metro D.C. Police.” Of course, Georgetown is a historic neighborhood located in northwest Washington, D.C.

One reason for this particular setting in the Batman v Superman plot could have to do with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). In the past, some of the action involving the female superhero has taken place in Washington, D.C., so this would be consistent with that. It looks highly likely that some of the action will take place in the nation’s capital.

Here are the photos that lead us to believe Batman v Superman is indeed coming to Washington, D.C. (on the set at least). Check out @Bananadoc’s photos:

In the DC Universe, Gotham City is located in New Jersey and Metropolis is in Delaware. As far as Washington, D.C., we have at least one other clue that Batman v Superman will come to the city. Cast member Holly Hunter — who plays a senator in the film — has been spotted on-set as well, suggesting yet again that the nation’s capital is featured at some point in the film.

Keep your eyes tuned to @Bananadoc for all the latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on-set photos. The guy is obviously in a great spot to report about Zack Snyder’s film, which opens in theaters on March 25, 2016.

[Image via Bing]