Kent Police Arrest Four Gang Members Over West Hill Car Show Shooting

Kent Police have detained four gang members for a July 23 shooting at the West Hill car show that left 12 people injured.

The arrests came after thirty-five officers from five different teams who were investigating the shooting swooped in on Tuesday and Wednesday to arrest the gang members.

Police have issued warrants for two more suspects, telling the Seattle PI:

“We believe there were a total of at least five shooters,” while adding, “We expect additional arrests in the near future.”

The four men in custody are scheduled to be arraigned on Sept. 29 and all six men (including the two warranted men) have been officially charged with the shooting.

Kent Police Chief Ken Thomas says of the operation:

“All of the arrests have gone without incident,” while he revealed, “We are trying to track down additional suspects, including two additional shooters. It is an ongoing investigation.”

The six men have all been tied to the Playboy Surenos gang and they are being held on bail set anywhere from $100,000 to $750,000 depending on the charges weighed against them which include first-degree assault for firing shots into a crowd of people to criminal assistance for hiding vehicles, guns and other possible evidence.

Any information pertaining to the whereabouts of the other two men Ignacio Trevino-Vasquez and Nicholas Moreno should be immediately given to the Kent police department.

In the meantime lawyers for the imprisoned gang members have made no statements about their arrests or upcoming arraignment on their various charges.