Will Smith Accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Nominates Jay-Z And Beyoncé – With a Twist!

Will Smith

Will Smith has accepted and successfully completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

After being nominated quite a few times by many different A-list (and B-list) celebrities, the rapper/actor decided to finally accept the challenge.

Smith posted the video footage to prove his completion of this challenge to his official Facebook page Thursday afternoon. One of Will Smith’s biggest talents (in addition to rapping and acting) has always been comic timing, which is why you will laugh when you hear him say (after a quick introduction discussing his acceptance):

So I was challenged to do the ALS challenge and, um…I ain’t no punk!

Standing in what appears to be his backyard near a lake, Will Smith then walks over to a large rock in order to introduce the young woman holding the bucket that would be assisting him – “Vanna Black” (also known as his daughter, Willow Smith.)

Smith seemed very eager to hurry up and get the challenge over with as soon as possible – especially once he realized how excited his daughter was to get the chance to dump the bucket of ice water on her father’s head. Before the highly-anticipated bucket drop, however, he was reminded that he needed to nominate other people to accept the challenge as well. Many other people have been nominating 3-4 people, but Will Smith decided to do something completely different.

After pausing for a brief moment to think about his nomination, he decided to choose Beyoncé and Jay-Z — with a bit of an unexpected twist:

I want Jay-Z and Beyoncé to do it at the same time! That’s my challenge. Jay-Z and Beyoncé – I’m challenging y’all!

That’s right! Not only did Will Smith call out Jay-Z and Beyoncé (something that many other celebrities that accepted the challenge seemed to avoid doing), but he also challenged them to complete the challenge together.

Why do you think Will Smith chose them? Keep in mind that Will didn’t choose anyone else. As of right now, this is the first and only time that he has completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and chose this couple (which is just one of the many celebrity couples rumored to be heading for divorce soon) as his only nomination.

Not any of his family members. Not any of his former co-stars from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Not any of his former big screen co-stars from any of his blockbuster movies from over the past two decades of his A-list stardom. He didn’t even nominate his sidekick, best friend and DJ – Jazzy Jeff. He only chose Beyoncé and Jay-Z – specifically stating the one condition that they do it together.

Could he perhaps be trying to reignite the “Crazy in Love” flame that used to define their highly-publicized relationship? Or, did Will Smith just call them out because they were the first names to pop into his mind?