Taylor Swift, John Mayer’s Close Call: Singers Have Near Miss At Chateau Marmont

Taylor Swift and John Mayer almost had an awkward run-in at the Chateau Marmont Wednesday. The two dated once upon a time but things ended on a very sour note and the two singers definitely do not typically hang out with one another these days. Luckily it seems in this case, the two came close to running into one another, but avoided the cringeworthy moment.

Us Weekly reports that Taylor Swift and John Mayer were both seen entering Chateau Marmont Wednesday night, and both were spotted leaving around the same time later in the evening. Taylor and John certainly weren’t there together, though, and Swift’s rep says that they never saw one another.

Swift, 24, and Mayer, 36, briefly dated in 2009. As Taylor so often does, she wrote a song about her split, as “Dear John” is believed by most to be about Mayer and their brief relationship. Later, in an interview with Rolling Stone in 2012, Mayer criticized the song as “cheap songwriting.” He blasted Taylor for “abusing your talent to rub your hands together and go, ‘Wait til he gets a load of this!'”

Mayer went on to say that he was really humiliated by Swift’s song at a time when he’d “already been dressed down.” Granted Mayer does have a bit of history for saying things publicly that his exes surely would have preferred he hadn’t. It might be fair to say that many didn’t necessarily feel a great deal of sympathy for him on this one. In addition, Mayer went on to do the song “Paper Doll” in 2013, which many think was a reference to Swifty herself.

Given all of that history, it would come as no surprise that a Taylor Swift and John Mayer run-in would likely have been awkward. Though it seems that Taylor and John arrived at Chateau Marmont at the same time, E! Online note that Swift was there with Lily Aldridge. It seems that both singers also left around midnight. The hot spot is a popular place for celebrities, and as high-profile as these two are, it’s a bit interesting they didn’t run into one another.

Though both Taylor and John are single these days, it sure doesn’t sound as if a second go of a romance is in the cards for them. As fans know, Mayer split with Katy Perry a while back, while Swift has seemingly been single since her relationship with Conor Kennedy ended. While of course fans wouldn’t want to see a big blow-out if Taylor Swift and John Mayer were to run into one another during an evening out like this, others think it could have made for a bit of entertainment.

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