Bruno Mars Would Love To Bring His Tour To Israel

Bruno Mars would love nothing more than to bring his unique brand of music to Israel. Unfortunately for fans, they may have a while to wait.

The award-winning singer simply adores sharing his songs with the masses. Mars has traveled the globe in recent months, leaving a wake of satisfied and starstruck music fans in his wake. If Bruno has it his way, then he’ll take his show to folks living in Israel, Africa, Cuba, and Russia at some point down the road.

According to The Algemeiner, Bruno Mars revealed his dream destinations during a recent chat with a fan on Twitter. When asked where he’d love to perform, the singer coughed up the following response. Check out the tweet below.

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has forced a number of artists to pull out of scheduled shows in recent days. Unfortunately for Bruno Mars and his fans, there’s no telling when he might get around to performing in the region.

According to Billboard, the constant rocket strikes forced Lana Del Rey to cancel her upcoming performance in Tel Aviv. Max Jury, who was reportedly tapped to open for the singer, broke the news to understandably disappointed fans living in Israel.

One guy in particular was especially brokenhearted about the situation:

“Lana, please come to Israel. We love you here, dont disappoint us, dont be effected by some people who got hates in their head, please, i would like to see you here, we got here beautiful country with good people, and beside, if to die somewhere, it’s in the holy land… :)… just joking a bit, cause we are all under pressure here, with this Hamas terrorists.”

Other artists who were forced to back out include Neil Young, America, Kansas, Paul Anka and the Backstreet Boys. Lady Gaga, Cee Lo Green, and Megadeth. The Independent reports that one shell that made its way from Israel to Gaza featured the message, “That’s for cancelling the Backstreet Boys, you scum!”

If you live in the United States and you’d love to catch Bruno Mars onstage, then you can do so this weekend (August 22 and August 23) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getting tickets is probably a little problematic at the moment, but keep checking TicketMaster for info.

Are you hoping Bruno Mars will take a trip to Israel in the near future?

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