Bruno Mars First Movie Role: Bet You Can’t Guess It Without Peeking

Bruno Mars has been in the news a lot lately. Such is the case when you mint number one singles. Most recently, he was caught up in a fake Internet controversy where some sites were reporting that he publicly shamed a shy fan.

However, after more of those reports piled in, it became clear that he was just having a little good-natured fun.

Bruno followed that incident with a nice father-son outing on Father’s Day where he took his dad to the movies and revealed a bit more of his rebellious past via Twitter.

There’s something electric about the young singer-songwriter-performer extraordinaire, and as much as he’s now in the public eye, it can be easy to assume you know everything about him that there is to know.

But only the most advanced Bruno Mars fan will be able to get this next little tidbit right without consulting IMDb.

What was Bruno’s film debut?

Apparently, long before he was singing romantic songs like “Marry You,” he was an Elvis impersonator in the wedding-themed Nicolas Cage film Honeymoon in Vegas.

Yes, the star, born in 1985, was just seven years old when he starred in director Andrew Bergman’s romantic comedy opposite Cage and Cage’s leading lady, Sarah Jessica Parker.

The film’s tagline: “A comedy about one bride, two grooms, and 34 flying Elvises.”

Bruno Mars played Little Elvis, and performed “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” He’s credited as Bruno Hernandez.

And if you think we’re making this up, just check it out for yourself:

Mars’ career has since taken off, and while his performance as Little Elvis isn’t quite there vocally with his stuff as an adult, he already had the self-assured stage presence that would make him a hit at the Super Bowl and turn guys like me, who used to make fun of his sappy lyrics, into bona fide fans.

Unfortunately, Bruno Mars has kept his distance from motion pictures since then. His only other credit was doing voice work in Rio 2, and there isn’t anything listed as upcoming on his resume.

Maybe if we bombard him with this clip enough on Twitter, he’ll give us an update on his acting plans (if there are any).

What do you think, readers? Would you like to see Bruno Mars back on the big screen?

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