Ferguson Shooting: Woman Fired For Hateful Facebook Post

The Ferguson shooting caused a Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital female employee to lose her job after she issued an offensive post on Facebook referring to the people of Missouri city. According to KHOU, the Houston woman, who has not been identified, was fired by Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital after she posted that police should start “mowing” down people with machine guns.

“The police need to just start mowing them down with machine guns, purge them,” the woman posted.

According to Kens5 Eyewitness News, several of the woman’s Facebook friends immediately called her out for the distasteful comments regarding the Ferguson shooting and the community’s people.

One Facebook friend called the post “very racist.” Another Facebook friend reported the offensive online behavior to the woman’s superiors at Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital, where she worked as a non-nursing employee. Even still, people who work in a hospital should show compassion for anyone regardless of race, culture, or religious beliefs.

Her post was directed toward the people of Ferguson, who are outraged over the Ferguson shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Ferguson is a mostly African-American community, though people of all races are going to the city to stand up for what they believe is right.

So what about that little phrase called “freedom of speech”? Freedom of speech comes at a cost, and it looks like she paid the ultimate price: the loss of her job. The severe action the hospital took will not change the woman’s feelings. Without a doubt, the next time she will likely hide her true racist feelings, as many people do.

Facebook is a wonderful tool that exposes how people truly feel. If someone wants to know what kind of person they are hiring, befriending or inviting to their home — just take a quick look at the things they like and post on Facebook. Notice the lack of compassion they display when it comes to certain issues and groups of people. No one has to really come out and say that they have racist feelings toward a certain group of people any longer — it comes out in other ways, such as what they say, post, like, support, or fail to support. When one just patiently sits back and observes, the true nature of the person becomes apparent.

In a hospital setting, integrity and compassion are important. No doubt Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital administrators recognize the importance of a person’s comments and how they reflect their potential attitude toward their work. The hospital released the following statement on its social media account regarding the employee’s remarks about the tension surrounding the Ferguson shooting.

“A non-nurse employee posted an offensive comment. MH absolutely disagrees with that post. We have a 107 year history of serving everyone. The individual is no longer an employee of Memorial Hermann.

Ferguson shooting victim Michael Brown was gunned down by police in Missouri in August 2014, according to an earlier report by The Inquisitr.