Kate Middleton, Prince William To Move Away From London, Against Queen Elizabeth’s Wishes

Kate Middleton and Prince William can’t wait to get out of stuffy London to a more peaceful, quiet life in the countryside. But this is not making Queen Elizabeth very happy.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge haven’t enjoyed their stay in London, even if Kate spent large amounts of taxpayer’s money to renovate the family 20-room Apartment 1A, at Kensington Palace, according to the August print edition of Life & Style magazine. The royal couple has taken matters into their own hands, deciding to pack up and move to their countryside estate at Anmer Hall, located in Norfolk this fall.

The move is in part because of Prince William’s new job as a helicopter pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance, based out of Cambridge, which requires him to be gone for at least five months. It’s well known both Kate Middleton and Wills don’t necessarily like the limelight now that they are parents of adorable Prince George and want to keep their son grounded and as normal as possible as he grows up. The Duchess Kate reportedly feels “suffocated” in London and has been feuding with the Queen.

Kate Middleton, Prince William moving out of London

One of the other reasons Kate Middleton wants to move her family away is to allow her husband to be his own man, apart from his royal duties as second in line to the British throne. Queen Elizabeth has asserted her control on all the members of the royal family for a long time, and this is a point of friction with the very independent Duchess of Cambridge, who is after all a commoner.

Her Majesty has very set ideas about what her grandson’s life should be led, and they are nothing like what Kate and William himself want for their family. The royals have expressed their desire to raise their son, Prince George, in a normal environment as possible and according to the publication, they have absolutely hated their time in London.

The stress of being under Queen Elizabeth’s control has reportedly affected their marriage, and they are more than excited to leave palace life for a simpler existence in Norfolk. This comes as no surprise, as it is a similar situation to what happened when William was training to be a Royal Air Force helicopter pilot in Wales, where they were very happy.

Now that they have to not only worry about themselves, but their little one, Kate Middleton and Prince William are even more focused on staying away from England’s capital. The report indicates that the Duke and Duchess have many friends in the area and are looking forward to getting away from Queen Elizabeth.

Is Kate Middleton doing the right thing by moving her family away from London against Queen Elizabeth’s wishes?

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