Eight Year Old Boy Abused, Beaten To Death By Mother And Her Boyfriend

An eight year old boy was allegedly severely abused before being beaten to death by his mother and her boyfriend. Gabriel Fernandez of Antelope Valley in Los Angeles was a victim of some of the worst child abuse ever seen.

It is unknown what spurred the abuse beyond possible homophobia, but according to witnesses his death could have been avoided if social workers had simply removed him from the home when it was reported.

Fernandez had allegedly been doused with pepper spray and forced to eat his own vomit. However, the physical abuse was even more severe. He allegedly had his mouth stuffed with a sock while he was beaten to death in the end.

On May 22, 2013, young Fernandez had been found naked on the bathroom floor with broken ribs, a cracked skull, and BB pellets embedded in his lung and groin area. This was after his mother, Pearl Fernandez, had dialed 911 to report that her son had fallen and hit his head on the dresser. Her son died two days afterward.

Investigators found BB pellet holes in the floor and a bat smeared with Gabriel Fernandez’ blood in their home.

Eight year old Gabriel Fernandez had clearly been in danger when there had been reports of the boy being abused. Social workers had been informed and apparently did nothing as his case allegedly never received any attention.

For eight months, the boy had allegedly been beaten and tortured while Pearl Fernandez and boyfriend Isauro Aguirre forged doctor reports and lied to the police to cover it up. He would often show up to school bleeding from injuries likely incurred with a belt buckle, and even wrote a suicide note that grabbed the counselor’s attention.

Two of the main witnesses, Gabriel’s siblings, had alleged seen and heard everything. When the eight year old boy was found playing with dolls, his mother and her boyfriend allegedly called him “gay” and forced him to go to school wearing a dress. His diet allegedly included the aforementioned vomit, cat feces, and rotten spinach. He had reportedly been forced to sleep in a locked cabinet and not let out until morning, even if he had to use the bathroom.

One of the siblings said he lied to everybody about his brother’s abuse because he was afraid Pearl and Isauro would do the same to him.

The Los Angeles County foster care system is reportedly in the process of a major overhaul as a result of young Fernandez’ case. Two employees and two supervisors in charge of removing him from the home have been fired, while others have been given letters of disciplinary action. The possible cause of their failure to prevent the death of the eight year old boy was a massive backlog and inexperienced social workers.

Pearl Fernandez and Isauro Aguirre are now being detained, and both have pled not guilty to the child abuse charges over the eight year old boy.

[image via Modvive]