Jay Z & Beyonce Divorce Will Reportedly Be Amicable, But Custody Battle Over Blue Ivy Could Loom

Jay Z and Beyonce are reportedly planning an amicable divorce, but the couple could still have a looming custody battle over daughter Blue Ivy.

Divorce rumors have surrounded the super-couple for several months, casting a long shadow over their joint “On The Run” summer tour. Ever since Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles attacked Jay Z following the Met Gala earlier this year — a fight reportedly sparked by Jay Z’s cheating — there have been seemingly endless rumors about his many mistresses.

Reports indicate that Beyonce has had enough, and is planning to divorce Jay Z after their tour ends in early September. Sources say that the couple is working toward an amicable split, and that Beyonce has even been turning to friend Gwyneth Paltrow for divorce advice.

Sources say the couple wants to project an image of unity, even after they announce their divorce.

“The day after the announcement, Bey and Jay will be spotted together,” a source told Us Weekly. “The two will be all lovey-dovey.”

But even with Jay Z and Beyonce putting on a good face, the couple could have a court battle coming over daughter Blue Ivy. A source told RadarOnline that both of them are preparing evidence for a court battle, including possible allegations of cheating from both sides.

There could be another odd twist for Jay Z and Beyonce in the upcoming divorce and custody battle. The rapper’s alleged mistress Tina Seals is filing a lawsuit claiming that she is the real mother of Blue Ivy, and an expert told HollywoodLife that that lawsuit could actually have merit — if Tina is telling the truth.

“It is entirely possible that a surrogate could come in and have some rights to a child. Even if rights were relinquished in a contract,” Matrimonial Family Expert Leslie Barbara said.

Regardless of what happens with Blue Ivy, it seems that divorce is inevitable for Jay Z and Beyonce. Sources say the couple plans to officially announce the split shortly after the “On The Run” tour wraps up in Paris, France.