Justin Bieber Shaves His Mustache As Selena Gomez Spends Second Night At His Pad

Justin Bieber Finally Shaved Off His Facial Hair And All Is Right With The World Again

That sound? Justin Bieber’s fans, most likely Selena Gomez, and everyone else — rejoicing.

It’s a new day. A new dawn, even.

Justin Bieber has finally shaved off his mustache and whatever that was on his chin, posting most of the shaving process in an Instagram video on Wednesday.

That’s right. The gossamer growth. The dirty ‘stache. The not-so-hairy rash. That persistent, furry patch that hovered above the Biebs’ mouth is no more. That is, ’til the next time he gets the itch to try and grow one again.

“Za, should I do it?” Justin asked pal rapper Lil Za, in a bathroom of what was likely his new Hollywood Hills rental, before smothering his light facial hair in shaving foam.

“RIP ‘stache!” the pop prince added. “Is that how you do it? he joked to Za, who replied,”I think that’s how you do it.”

Then, with a final “Here I go!” the moment so many have longer for — happened.

Bieber flicked an electric razor and said goodbye to a bad idea. Not his worst, but not good.

So far, nearly 600,000 (and counting) of the singer’s over 19 million followers on Instagram appear to be very happy to see the return of their idol’s baby face.

Suffice it to say, most of the celebratory comments feature the words,”Finally!” and “Yes!”

Justin Bieber

(Photo: The Canadian’s IG caption read “Ur boy got rid of his stash.”)

There’s another approving opinion Justin likely earned with his ‘stache shave. Namely, back-on girlfriend Selena Gomez.

It’s no secret that most females prefer a smooth face for kissing and sex. And The Getaway actress may well be one of them.

Infamous blogger ‘Stalker Sarah’ spotted the pair at bible study in Los Angeles Wednesday, August 13. Then, another eyewitness revealed the twosome went on an early morning movie date two days before.

Since then, the couple reportedly spent a loved-up weekend at Justin’s Hollywood Hills pad. He was later seen driving Selena to her Hidden Hills home bordering Calabasas in his red Ferrari on Sunday.

The Biebs still had the mustache at that point, and it’s possible his big shave was at Gomez’s request.

Bieber was again spotted by “Stalker Sarah” at bible study on Wednesday evening, August 20.

The blogger said she did not see Selena at The City Church session. Other fans disagree.

An online photo — presumably taken by the girls “Stalker Sarah” mentions in her tweets — circles a female figure that is possibly Selena.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez At Bible Study, Possibly

(Photo: Justin at bible study in Los Angeles, possibly with Selena standing next to him, on Wednesday, August 20.)

Later, two somewhat dim-witted fans spotted the couple on Sunset Boulevard last night. They thought it would be a good idea to repeatedly ask the pair to pose for photographs when they stopped briefly on Justin’s Can-Am Spyder motorcycle in traffic.

A video of the fans hassling the couple is linked below.

X17online reports Selena went on to spend the night at Bieber’s Hollywood Hills home last night.

X17 photographers spotted the starlet leaving at 10:30 am on Thursday. One photog told the website:

“Selena had her head down as she walked to her car; she was totally trying to sneak out. For some reason she and Justin don’t want people to know they’re back together.”

For now, and possibly at least while Jelena stay together, it’s adios to Bieber’s mustache.

Thank you Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber's Mustache is No More

(Photo: Before the shave.)

Justin Bieber

(Photo: The bell tolls.)

Justin Bieber Shaves His Musache

(Photo: The singer calls time, not before time, on his mustache.)

Justin Bieber

(Photo: Justin Bieber’s follicle folly bids goodnight.)

[Images via Instagram.]