Anonymous Calls For Nationwide ‘Day Of Rage’ Protests To Support Ferguson Protesters

The hacker collective “Anonymous” has called for a nationwide Day of Rage protest to show solidarity with the Ferguson, Missouri protesters, Mashable is reporting.

In 37 cities across the country, protesters are urged to voice their support and solidarity for those protesting in Ferguson. The Ferguson protests have been marred by heavy-handed police tactics, including tear gas and rubber bullets; armed, militarized police with tanks and military weapons; and the harassment and arrest of journalists covering the story (see this Inquisitr article). Additionally, Anonymous plans to send even more protesters to join the ongoing protests in Ferguson.

In the following video, released today, Anonymous states their demands.

“It is our time to get up from our couches, to turn off the TV and to gather and raise our voices. Anonymous continues plans to assist with protests by leaving our keyboards and going on the ground with our brethren. Our collective will join with those who demonstrate on the streets.”

In addition to the 37 cities included in the Day of Rage, Anonymous has asked local collectives to organize protests in their own cities if they’re not already included, and post the times and locations on Facebook, according to The Anti Media.

TOMORROW – LOCATIONS: #DayOfRage #Ferguson

— SEIZED (@TheAnonMessage2) August 20, 2014

Anonymous has not only been instrumental in covering the Ferguson protests, and the alleged police abuses taking place there, but in some cases has made itself part of the narrative. According to Mashable, Anonymous has hacked the Ferguson Police Department’s website, and has stalked the Saint Louis County police chief. Most famously, last week Anonymous claimed to have identified the police officer responsible for shooting Michael Brown, and posted pictures of the alleged officer on Twitter. However, that information was later proved to be false, and the account that posted the information was taken down by Twitter.

The full list of cities hosting Anonymous Day of Rage protests, including times and locations, can be found here.

Image courtesy of: International Business Times