This Video Of A Mama Cat Caring For A Baby Bunny Proves That Maternal Instinct Conquers All

If you've ever found s stray baby bunny in your yard, you may have wondered if your cat could take care of it. Well, the answer is, probably not — which is what makes this unspeakably cute video all the more remarkable.

We have to attach a warning to this video — after viewing you may find yourself in a state of adorable overload.

As you'll see, this video tells the little, and true, story of Bubbles, the baby bunny whose mommy died when Bubbles was a mere one week old. But this big-hearted mother house cat, Snaggle Puss, took Bubbles under her wing, or her fur as the case may be.

We don't need to tell you much more than that — the video says the rest.

The only caveat is that, if you find a wild bunny in your yard, this probably won't work. Baby bunnies nurse only once day. Their mothers produce extremely nutrient-rich milk that keeps them going for a whole day after nursing for just five minutes.

Wild rabbits also scare easily. There's also the matter of a cat's predatory instincts, which make the cat-bunny relationship a little dangerous — for the bunny.

Not so in this video, though. Of anything, the relationship between Snaggle Puss and Bubbles shows us that motherhood conquers all.