Channel Your Inner Creative with the New Typewriter App By Tom Hanks

What happens when you blend celebrity involvement, a love for analog technology, and app development? Tom Hanks shows the world that you can still enjoy the simple pleasures of using a typewriter, even if you’re just tapping on the touchscreen of your mobile device. The app, known as Hanx Writer, blends novelty and nostalgia into a sharp-looking writing utility.

Instant App Store Success

So far, Hanx Writer is only available for the iPad in Apple’s iOS App Store. After its release on August 15th, the typing app topped the Free App charts racking up nearly 2,000 reviews and a 4.5 star rating just a few days after the launch. And it’s no surprise. Hanx Writer is propelled by celebrity power, beautiful design, and a very intriguing purpose – sharing the love of typewriters. Fans can delve into the Hanx Writer creation process by checking out the Hitcents app development website. This company partnered with Tom Hanks on the typewriter project, which has even received the actor’s signature, as displayed their promotional materials.

The Typewriter Collection of Tom Hanks

Hitcents drew inspiration from Tom Hanks’ real-life typewriter collection. He’s a connoisseur of fine typing tools and has amassed a collection of hundreds, including rare vintage models. Hanks has even published odes to his love for this analog experience in his New York Times article, “I Am TOM. I Like to TYPE. Hear That?” The developers at Hitcents describe receiving three vintage machines from Tom Hanks’ personal collection, which they used to craft the typewriter animations seen in the app. This gives users the eerily authentic feel of moving the carriage, feeding the ribbon, and hitting the keys.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

Custom typography transforms the Hanx Writer experience into something completely different from the mundane Notes or Microsoft Word apps for iOS devices. Hitcents went to great lengths to create custom typefaces for all three typewriter options, serif fonts that transport users back into the days of typebars smacking paper and leaving behind an ink imprint. Auditory cues are part of the experience too. You’ll feel more connected to the rhythm of your typing by enabling the sound features on Hanx Writer, and listening to the satisfying clack of keystrokes. Hanx Writer bridges the gap, allowing you to explore old school typing pleasures from you wireless keyboard or touch screen.

Modern Accommodations

Hanx Writer isn’t a wishy-washy ode to nostalgia – it was built with modern use in mind. Users can connect their Bluetooth keyboards to their iPad for speedy typing in Hanx Writer. You have access to a full range of text formatting tools. And once you’re done with your work missive or novel chapter, you can tap the share button and send it to a variety of apps.

Tom Hanks has been able to accomplish something very artful and unique with his free typing app, Hanx Writer. He’s been able to share his love of typewriters in the form of a stylish productivity tool. The next time you’re trying to get some inspiration, pull up a chair and start plunking away with the Hanx Writer app.