Paul Walker Photograph: Eerie Picture Seemed To Predict Actor’s Death

Paul Walker died in November in a tragic crash, but some internet sleuths believe his death may have actually been predicted two months earlier in a strange photograph.

The photo showed up on Reddit a few months after his death. A user posted a picture of a chance encounter he had with Walker in September 2013 at a restaurant in Atlanta. The fan described his meeting with Walker, which he said was much more than a friendly hello.

The Reddit user said Walker actually took time to talk to him, writing:

He ordered a Corona and I started laughing. We didn’t really talk about the films, but he knew I was a big fan. Paul told me that his daughter was coming in that night to hang out with him. Everyone else in his crew was going out that night, but he seemed more excited about seeing his child then anything else.

He was constantly smiling and laughing and just seemed like a really happy and genuine dude. I get people need to be the first to be edgy every time a celebrity dies and make jokes, but I just wanted to share this to remind people he was a real guy with family that he loved a great deal and i’m personally really sad to see him gone.

But since then someone noticed some odd details of the photograph, which has now taking on a strange life similar to the rumors that Paul McCartney had died around the release of the Beatles Abbey Road album.

The blog Reaching Life Goals by John D. Moore too on the eerie coincidences in the photo:

The picture itself was taken in Atlanta during the time of the shooting for Fast 7, a movie Walker had been working on as part of the Fast and Furious franchise. At first, the photo does not seem that remarkable … until you look at it more closely.

It was taken at the restaurant Six Feet Under, which is on a street called Memorial Drive. In the background, you will see a number of headstones that dot the famous Oakland Cemetery. The photo has been confirmed with the restaurant’s manager.

While the Paul Walker photo is likely nothing more than a coincidence, the actor has enjoyed something of a postmortem popularity boost. His legacy lived on through his brother Cody in the upcoming Fast and Furious movie, and Paul himself even appears posthumously in a recent Shark Week special.