Autistic Boy Brutally Beaten While Parent Present: Should The Parent Be Charged? (Video)

18-year-old charged with child abuse after beating 16-year-old autistic boy
Wheelor attacks autistic boy

It all started in Okeechobee, Florida, when a teenager decided she wanted to have a party. The autistic teen, who was invited to his classmate’s party, said party giver’s mom, Evadean Lydecker, drove the teens to the gas station, bought them all alcohol, came back to the house, and Lydecker was busy drinking with her own friends during the party as reported by ABC News 10.

The autistic teen has said that he got drunk and was told to go outside and fight someone. When he refused, he said that was when 18-year-old wheeler was called, as reported by KTLA.

Wheeler claims he was called and told by the girl giving the party that the autistic boy was drunk, he had turned violent, and she couldn’t get him to leave, and needed Wheeler’s help. So, KTLA reports Wheeler said he drove over to the party to get the autistic boy to leave.

When Wheeler arrived, he found the autistic boy and began beating him. It was all captured on video as a crowd actually stood around watching this child get beaten, kicked, threatened with a knife all the while he’s screaming and not able to fight back to defend himself.

Be aware that the video below is extremely disturbing and contains graphic language.

What is even more maddening is the fact that the parent, Lydecker, is actually present at the time all this is going on.

Also seen in this video is an apparent adult, beer bottle in hand, stepping in the doorway long enough to tell them a few times to take it outside. You can actually hear her say, “Take the boy outside,” as Wheeler is pounding him. Who is that adult? And why aren’t the authorities being called?

autisic boy beaten

After the kicking, choking and threatening him with a knife, the 16-year-old told police he was able to break free long enough to get out of the house and knock on the door to ask the parent for help. But Lydecker never answered the door, as per Elite Daily.

The autistic boy then reports that Wheeler followed him outside, as if beating him inside the house wasn’t enough, and began choking him until he lost consciousness. KTLA reports that the boy was found by police lying in the middle of the street, called for an ambulance to rush him to the hospital where the boy was treated for a “sprained neck, facial and scalp contusions and a concussion.”

While at the hospital, the officer learned about the video, and reported to KTLA that it had been posted to Facebook and tagged to Andrew Wheeler. New York Daily News reports that Wheeler was recognized by police in the video due to his previous run-ins with the law, and Wheeler was arrested and charged with child abuse without great bodily harm and is sitting in Okeechobee County Jail on $20,000 bond.


The parent, Evadean Lydecker was arrested for contributing to delinquency of a minor for allegedly buying the kids alcohol, which is a misdemeanor.

Should Lydecker be charged with something more having witnessed the event as it was taking place? And what about the others witnessing but not stepping in to help?

Why were the police not called? And why was this autistic boy left lying in the street? Why did no one at least call an ambulance for him at the house?

Why are these people not responsible?

In fact, according to Elite Daily, the hashtag #JusticeforAaron “has appeared all over Facebook and Twitter in order to indict those responsible for the beating, at least in the court of the public.”

Please let us know your thoughts and opinions.

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