Cedar Point Amusement Park Loses Power, People Take Selfies While Stranded On Rides

Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio has been making the news a lot lately due to various accidents, and this week is no exception. The entire Cedar Point park lost power on Sunday evening, leaving many people stranded on the rides. Some park guests were snapping photos of themselves on rollercoasters and posting the selfies to the internet.

One group of riders at Cedar Point, including freelancer from FOX 17 Jon Beckett, were stuck hanging upside down on a suspended coaster called the Iron Dragon. Beckett claims he and his girlfriend were stranded on the Cedar Point ride for 20 minutes. Beckett, from Michigan, posted selfies of himself and his girlfriend straight to the social media sites while on the ride.

Jon Beckett and his girlfriend

A power surge caused Cedar Point to black out at about 8:00pm. Certain parts of Cedar Point had restored power before other parts. Another Cedar Point rollercoaster, the Millennium Force, was stuck without power for almost a full hour. The riders on this coaster were stuck in a car frozen on one of the ride’s large climbs, but fortunately at the bottom rather than the top.

The official Sandusky news site, the Sandusky Register, also reported on the Cedar Point power outage. Park spokesman Bryan Edwards claimed that only a small part of Cedar Point’s visitors were left stranded. All guests were supposedly escorted off the immobile rides in a timely manner. He did not disclose which specific rides were affected.

“Yesterday evening a small portion of Cedar Point experienced a power outage,” Edwards said in his statement. “All of the affected rides’ safety systems worked as designed and all guests were quickly and safely escorted off of those rides. All of the rides opened this morning at their normal times.”


According to Dispatch, Chris Eck, the spokesman for Cedar Point’s power company FirstEnergy, said the blackout was caused by a faulty cable. While Eck had no idea how much of Cedar Point was actually affected, the company was able to repair the cable by 1:25am that night.

You can see the FOX report on the Cedar Point power outage in the video at Fox17Online.com, including one of the selfies the photographer took while stranded on the Iron Dragon.

Cedar Point was also in the news recently for another accident that injured seven park guests. It seems the Cedar Point amusement park is starting to get a bad reputation for unfortunate technical problems.

[Images courtesy of FOX]