Terry Crews Likes ‘Expendables 3’ More Than You Do

Terry Crews’ Expendables 3 role was a record breaker for the action star, and even though the critics hated the film, Crews loves it.

The latest Expendables marks the first trilogy Crews has ever been involved in, and he’s ready to go again if they want him. That probably means he’s guaranteed to be in number four if Lionsgate makes enough money with this one.

The biggest reason there might not be another sequel is because a copy of Expendables 3 was leaked on the internet ahead of time and the box office suffered for it. It will probably make its money back in Blu Ray and DVD sales, but internet piracy may be the reason if we don’t see another one.

Though the fans seemed to like the film a bit more than the critics, that didn’t save it from getting slammed. Sylvester Stallone was known for his acting at one time (he won a few awards early on), but he hasn’t been able to prove his acting ability since. Even as a director, the critics now feel he’s “stuck in the 80s.”

Terry Crews doesn’t care if the films he’s in ever win an award, he’s just happy to be in them, he revealed in a recent interview. The man who played Hale Caesar told the press:

“You know the thing about working with Sly and what I’d hoped would happen, is that he is the sequel master. Getting my first chance to be in a big action movie when I was doing the first Expendables, I just prayed to God it did well enough so we could do another, because that’s what he does, and then we had two and it did well and was a big hit worldwide. I was just so happy and Expendables 2 was actually the first sequel I ever did. This is what Sly does and I will do them as much as I can, as long as I am still in them, if they invite me in I am good!”

After having played roles in films such as Bridesmaids and the popular TV show Everybody Hates Chris, Crews is obviously happy just to share the spotlight with the biggest gathering of action heroes the big screen has ever seen.

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Crews has even shrugged off the fans who claimed the drop to a PG-13 rating killed the series:

“Now… there was an uproar among lots of the faithful who said, ‘It’s gone from R to PG 13, there should be more blood and more guts and now it’s turned into an adventure thing’. The reality is that you have to do two things: you have to make it viable for a market place, and you have to be responsible a little bit too.”

Did you like Expendables 3? Even if you did, Terry Crews probably liked it more than you did.

[image via Den of Geek]