NY Subway Stabbing: Suspect Claims Self-Defense

More details are emerging in the NY subway stabbing that left three people seriously injured. Ivan DeLeon, age 38, is accused of stabbing three men in New York’s Grand Central Station. Although witnesses said DeLeon was clearly in a drunken rage, his attorney claims he was acting in self-defense.

At approximately 12:00 am on Saturday morning, the defendant departed a Bronx-bound train and bumped into a young child. According to Assistant District Attorney Jesse Matthews, Deleon then threatened three men, stating that he would “kill” their children if they did not “get the f*** out of the way.”

According to witness statements, DeLeon and the three victims began to argue. Amid the verbal altercation, the defendant pulled out a “folding knife” and stabbed the three others.

As reported by Daily News, two of the victims, both age 26, were stabbed in the chest and arm. Although both were transported to Bellevue Hospital, they were eventually “treated and released.”

The third NY subway stabbing victim remains hospitalized. Authorities confirmed the 27-year-old man suffered a serious wound to the stomach. He is currently listed in critical condition. However, he is expected to survive.

Deleon was also transported to Bellevue Hospital, as “he was too drunk to be interviewed.” Following his release, he was arrested and charged with assault, menacing, and possession of a deadly weapon.

As reported by ABC News, defense attorney Alan Abramson contends Deleon stabbed the three men in self-defense:

“It did not happen that way. He had to fight for his life. He had to fight for his safety… Look at my client’s face… He has bruises all over his face.”

Abramson said surveillance footage of the NY subway stabbing will prove his client was defending himself, as he was being “viciously beaten by a group of men.”

Grand Central Station services nearly 10 million commuters every year. According to reports, the station “was the scene of 88 violent crimes between July 2008 and June 2013.” A majority of those crimes involved the use of deadly weapons.


The New York Police Department’s Transit District 4 has reported 15 physical assaults this year alone.

Jeff Emanuele, who uses the subway system on a daily basis, said he is concerned about the crime rate. Emanuele said violent crime is a grim reality in “the world we live in.”

Authorities are still investigating the latest NY subway stabbing. Witnesses contend the defendant was incredibly intoxicated during the confrontation. However, Deleon’s attorney said he was simply trying to defend his life.

[Image via Daily News]