Ferguson: Michael Brown Shooting Video May Support 'Bum Rush' Claim [Video]

Tara Dodrill

A Michael Brown shooting crime scene video going viral on YouTube may lend credence to the "bum rush" theory an alleged friend of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson has voiced. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Ferguson riots and looting initially prompted Governor Jay Nixon to call in the Missouri State Highway Patrol to attempt to restore calm to the city. Over the weekend the Ferguson protests once again prompted criminal activity and the National Guard has now been called into enhance security patrols in the St. Louis suburb. Captain Ron Johnson remains on the scene urging residents to protest peacefully and legally.

The second wave of rioting began in the late evening hours on Friday after Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson released a media packet containing images of a man identified as Michael Brown, robbing a local convenience store. Brown and a pal who spoke on camera to the media after the shooting, allegedly participated in a strong arm robbery – garnering about $50 worth of Swisher Sweets cigarillos.

Michael Brown shooting witnesses have uttered conflicting stories of how the shooting of the unarmed black man by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson unfolded. Some witnesses claimed the teenager was running away from Wilson, others told police and reporters that that Brown was facing the Ferguson police officer with his hands in the air surrendering. Leaked details of the Michael Brown autopsy indicate the young man was shot six times, all from the front, and not from point blank range.

The viral video of the Michael Brown shooting captured background conversations which may support the bum rush claims by a Ferguson police officer. At about the 6:30 mark in the Brown shooting video, residents gathered around police tape staring at the body on the street, indicate that the teenager may have rushed Darren Wilson.

Transcript from the Brown shooting video as published by multiple media outlets:

Original Video removed by YouTube.

Video of Michael Brown's encounter in a store that led to police looking for him:

Video discussing allegations that Michael Brown charged the police with excerpts of the audio from the removed YouTube Video:

The Ferguson riots have involved the destruction and looting of a multitude of businesses in the town. Some property owners are upset that law enforcement officers have not stepped in more frequently to arrest those vandalizing and stealing from stores. The Michael Brown shooting and Darren Wilson protests have gone on virtually around the clock. Some hope that the protests will wind down as those who are marching during the day or looting at night are forced to go back to work after going without much sleep or taking time off from work to demonstrate in Ferguson.

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