'Bachelor in Paradise': Chris Bukowski Quits Show, Gives Michelle Money His Rose

The Bachelor in Paradise drama continues on Episode 3, with new hookups, more crying, and the departure of Chris Bukowski. Reality Steve's latest spoilers indicate that Chris leaves the show without being eliminated, but there's a twist. Before he leaves, he gives one woman a rose and takes another home with him.

Chris showed up in Tulum last week and quickly found the weakest link on the show: Elise Mosca. In an attempt to make Dylan jealous, she spent time with Chris, something that didn't go over well with Dylan despite the fact that he was losing interest in her. At the rose ceremony, Dylan rejected Elise's rose and so she gave it to Chris, but not before rambling on about love and other words that didn't make sense.

Chris Bukowski Bachelor in Paradise

On the episode that airs on Monday, August 18, Elise forgets about Dylan and focuses on spending time with Chris. However, despite his new relationship with Elise, Reality Steve states that Chris' stay on the show will be short. He reportedly hurts his knee during filming and the injury is so bad that he decides to leave Tulum.

Instead of leaving empty handed, he decides to take Elise home with him, but not before he gives Michelle Money his rose. Fans may think that Chris giving Michelle the rose is an odd move, considering she first had her eyes on Marquel and then shifted them to Robert after Marquel called her out for drinking too much.

Chris had to give a rose to someone before he left, and it's likely he knew Michelle came on Bachelor in Paradise to find true love. Giving her the rose would keep her around long enough to find what supposedly ends up being a real relationship.

On a future episode, Cody Sattler, from Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette, comes on the show and takes over as the keeper of Michelle's heart. It doesn't take long for Michelle to forget about Marcus and Robert when Cody arrives in Tulum.

Rumor has it that Michelle and Cody are one of two couples who end up in relationship at the end of the show. One couple gets engaged, and both couples are in the process of moving cross country to live near each other.

For fans who are wondering if Chris and Elise are one of the two couples who go the distance, the answer is no. Although they left Bachelor in Paradise as a couple, their relationship did not last long after their departure from Tulum.

Tune in to watch the third episode of Bachelor in Paradise on ABC starting at 8 pm ET on Monday, August 18.

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