A Thing Nightmares Are Made Of: Bobbit Worm Jumps At You Out Of The Ocean Floor [Video]

I don’t know about you, but anything that can come out of seemingly nowhere and attack is pretty frightening. The Bobbit Worm is one such creature that can strike fear into an unkowing scuba diver or swimmer.

Eunice aphroditois, also known as the Bobbit Worm, is a worm found in warm ocean waters across the entire world. The worm typically lives at depths of about 10 to 40 meters. The Bobbit Worm is unique as it burrows itself into the ocean floor and hides from its prey. The worm has five antennas that poke out above the ocean floor waiting for its prey. When the antennas sense motion, the worm leaps from the ocean floor and grabs the prey with its frightening and sharp mandibles.

Though the Bobbit worm typically preys on other worms or fish, it has been known to bite humans. Imagine walking along the ocean floor and seeing those sharp mandibles coming at you, this is definitely a nightmare in the making.

In the video, you see a Bobbit Worm attack fish and with lightening speed suck them below the ocean floor surface. Even the larger fish are no match for the Bobbit Worm, you can see the worm suck a larger fish down into the depths of the sand.

If that video doesn’t give you nightmares, I don’t know what will. What do you think of the Bobbit Worm’s hunting method?

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