North Carolina Republican Lawmakers Attempt To Ban Gay Marriage, Send Amendment To May Ballot

Gay rights activists in North Carolina are none-to-happy with Republican lawmakers after they unanimously voted to place a gay marriage ban bill on the May ballot.

The constitutional amendment which drew 500 protesters before it passed through the House on Tuesday required a three-fifths vote by the Senate, a number that could only be reached when every single Republican in attendance voted for the ban which brought total voting to 30-16.

The measure nearly didn’t make it to the ballot as Sen. Bill Rabon sat on the fence during the last moments of voting, ultimately deciding that voters should make the decision.

When asked if the GOP twisted his arm to get his support he quickly said “this was my choice and my vote.” When asked how he would vote in May he quickly said “it’s a secret ballot” and then walked away.

Other lawmakers are also leaving their constituents in the dark about their support including Governor Bev Perdue who said their are more pressing issues for the state to deal with at the moment.

The Senate vote drew more than 500 protesters just as the House vote did the day before.

I’m pretty sure I can now name one political party who will be receiving approximately 0% of the gay vote come election time.

Do you think this type of amendment should be put in the hands of voters or should the gay marriage issue be dropped completely, at least during a time of a failing economy so lawmakers can focus their efforts on more pressing matters.