'World's Most Patriotic Cat' Stands In Respect During Russian National Anthem [Video]

One kitty in Russia has been dubbed "The World's Most Patriotic Cat" after a video surfaced of the feline standing in respect for the Russian national anthem. The video has gone viral and to-date has been viewed over 1.1 million times.

At the start of the video we see the cat sitting on a bed. The cat's owner is lying next to him with his cell phone. The cat is acting normal until a few bars of the Russian national anthem are played on his owner's phone. As soon as the cat hears the tune he begins moving to a position of respect. The cat can be seen standing on his hind legs at attention until the song is over.

The video has sparked a little controversy with some commenting that they feel this may be animal abuse. The video does not explain how the cat was trained to stand at attention for the national anthem, but many posting feel it is unnecessary and could be harmful to the cat. Some point out that the cat begins to shake at times trying to hold the position which could be seen as a form of animal abuse.

However, others don't agree and say the video is just cute. This isn't the first Russian video to go viral over excessively well-trained pets. One Russian man posted a video of his ducks as he ordered them to attention and marched them into his barn.

What do you think of the "World's Most Patriotic Cat?" Is the video cute, or is this animal abuse?