Man Tries To Sell Weed To A Cop, Uses Sleight Of Hand To Make It Disappear [VIDEO]

In what sounds like the beginning to a terrible joke, a man that walks up to a cop to sell a bag of weed uses some very crafty sleight of hand to make the drugs disappear.

Setting up a camera across the street, the man walks up to the cop while he’s on the phone, shows him a bag of marijuana, and asks if he’s interested in buying.

The cop quickly ends his phone call and approaches the brazen young man.

With one quick motion, the man places the bag of weed into his palms and is latched onto by the officer. When he opens his hands at the demand of the officer, the bag is gone.


Seemingly not wanting to deal with the young man’s prank, the the officer begrudgingly lets him go and continues on.

What did you think of this young man’s prank on the officer? Should the officer have searched him to look for the bag of weed?

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[H/T eBaums]