Comically Remastered Version Of ‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’ Features Tiny Pugs [Video]

The people over at the Pet Collective have shared an adorable “cute puppy version” of the hit movie Dawn Of the Planet of the Apes. In the short spoof film, we see the hit movie brought to life, but without the movie’s signature apes. Instead, the apes have been replaced with adorable little pug puppies.

Pug lovers across the globe can catch a glimpse of what the world might look like if pugs took over. Fortunately for dog lovers, the resulting video is anything but frightening. Imagine being jumped on by dozens of tiny pugs — that is how this video will make you feel.

At the start of the spoof video we see an unknowing man walking through the woods until he stumbles upon a box. He picks up the box and discovers it contains one tiny pug puppy. He takes the little guy home to love and care for; however, as the video ominously says,

” He found a new best friend, but he didn’t know that………he took one of theirs.”

The video then cuts to the man’s backyard where he hears a strange noise in the bushes. He asks, “What is that?” before peering deeper into the woods. He yells into the woods,

“You don’t have to be scared, this can be your home too.”

At this point, a herd of tiny pug puppies come running from the woods in something that could only be created in a pug lovers dreams. The man finally realizes that the pugs are there to take over the world. Fortunately for us all, the world would be filled with a whole lot of adorable if they did.

The video has been viewed over 754,000 times since it was uploaded. What do you think of the fluffy remake?