Missoni at Target? Shoppers Go Crazy, Bring Down Website

It was Black Friday all over again. People were lined up outside of Target stores this morning in order to get bikes, iPad covers, clothing, or anything else from Italian designer brand Missoni. The shopping frenzy cleared Target’s shelves and even caused the mega-store’s website to crash.

The International Business Times reports that some people were shopping for profit today at Target, as several Missoni pieces have appeared on eBay. That’s good news for Missoni fanatics, but bad news for wallets. A Missoni candle that Target was selling for $13 is now going for $50 on eBay.

If you don’t want to pay the higher prices, Target will be getting another shipment of Missoni goods in the next couple of days. Of course, if you want to get one those items, you’ll probably have to fight the crowd again.

Target’s website went down early this morning, and as of 4 p.m. today, it still isn’t back up and running.

Target says on its site:

“We are suddenly extremely popular. You may not be able to access our site momentarily due to unusually high traffic. Please stay here and we’ll try to get you in as soon as we can!”

Target has been working with Missoni for the last year to create a 400 item line unique to the mega-store. Missoni, which is known for its zig-zag stripes, created knit dresses, boots, dinner ware, tights, sweaters, luggage, dinner ware, iPad covers, bikes, and furniture for Target.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Target is slated to sell the Missoni line until October 22nd.

Did you pick up any of the Missoni items at Target today?