Biggie Smalls Murder Case Conspiracy: LAPD Claimed To Be Covering Up Murderer’s Identity

The Biggie Smalls murder case case still continues to be a mystery after all these years, and now a conspiracy theory is alleging the LAPD knows the identity of the person who murdered the Notorious B.I.G. yet refuse to make an arrest since this would supposedly expose a cover up by the police department.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Biggie Smalls’ wife Faith Evans says the unsolved murder case is “not closed” and believes Christopher Wallace is not being given justice:

“We just basically stopped spending our money on trying to hope that the LAPD was gonna do, you know, their part. You know what I’m saying? It’s not closed. It’s just a matter of when they really feel like they wanna do the right thing ’cause we in our hearts kinda feel like we know what happened and we believe that they know what happened. You know, we’ll probably be the biggest case in the city’s history.”

Back in March of 1997, the rapper was gunned down as he left a party hosted by Vibe magazine. Smalls was sitting in a GMC Suburban at a red light when a black Chevrolet Impala SS pulled up next to the vehicle and the driver fired shots into the vehicle. Four of the bullets hit Smalls, although the first three weren’t fatal. According to the autopsy report, the fourth and final shot punctured several organs.

Several years later, the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the LAPD, former LAPD Officer Rafael Pérez, and his partner, Officer Nino Durden. In this lawsuit, Evans and Biggie’s mother, Voletta Wallace, indicated that the murder was committed in a “in a very efficient, organized and professional manner, suggesting that a high degree of coordination and planning preceded his murder.”

The family claimed that Officer Pereź and former officer David Mack “conspired to murder, and participated in the murder of Christopher Wallace.” The civil lawsuit was ultimately dismissed, although Pereź was sentenced to prison for a variety of crimes, including covering up a bank robbery, stealing cocaine from LAPD evidence storage, and allegedly shooting and framing a gang member. Due to the arrest of Pereź, it came to light that other cops were involved in illegal conduct and 106 arrests were made.

But now Radar Online says a source claims the LAPD does in fact know the identity of Biggie Smalls’ murderer:

“The LAPD Robbery Homicide unit tasked with investigating Biggie’s murder knows exactly who fired the gun, and which people were involved in the planning. There will never be an arrest made because it would rock the department to the core. There was a cover-up after the murder, which went all the way up the ranks of LAPD. This goes way beyond Mack and Pereź. Publicly the department will say it’s still an active an open investigation, but that is a sham. The LAPD barely survived Pereź’s crew and the hell they brought the upon the department. The old saying that the cover-up is worse than the crime couldn’t be more true in this case. The cover-up would put numerous current and former cops behind bars for years on charges ranging from conspiracy to fraud and making false statements.”​

What do you think about the allegations that the LAPD is covering up Biggie Smalls’ murder case?