US Census Study: 1 In 6 Americans Lived In Poverty During 2010

Here’s a number that the current administration would like to stay hidden, a recent study of the US Census has found that 46.2 million American’s lived below the poverty line in 2010, a number equal to 15.1% of the population. That particular poverty line number compares to 43.6 million american’s who lived below the line in 2009, equal to 14.3% of the population.

The last time the poverty line reached current levels was in 1993, while 1983 hit slightly higher at 15.2% of the population.

Under current levels anyone making less than $22,314 for a family of four or $11,139 for a single person is considered below the poverty line.

Also falling in the United States was income for middle-class families who saw their median income level fall to $49,445. The study also revealed that people living in Mississippi have the lowest median income at $37,985, while residents of New Hampshire have the highest at $66,707.

Following a typical trend the south has the highest poverty rate, while the Northeast has more workers per capita.

Because of high unemployment and poverty level earnings the number of people without health insurance has also reached a new all time high of 49.9 million.

With a perfect storm of layoffs, union busting in Wisconsin and general uncertainty about the economy these numbers don’t really come as a surprise but they do highlight the problem we are having in our country as economic uncertainty remains at dangerous levels.

What do you think are contributing factors for the poverty levels and the lack of health insurance we are experiencing in the United States?