Robin Williams Funeral: Actor Will Be Laid To Rest In San Francisco, Comedy Benefit Planned

Robin Williams funeral arrangements are being made following his tragic death on Monday. According to The Mirror, the actor will be laid to rest in San Francisco. Williams’ wife, Susan Schneider, is planning what is being called a “very private” service for her husband who committed suicide by hanging himself using a belt. While a source says that the exact plan has not been written in stone, the event will definitely be kept private, as Williams likely would have wanted it… he was a very private person.

In an effort to allow the public to mourn together, a comedy benefit has been announced. The (presumably) televised event will take place at Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, California, within the next few weeks.

Robin Williams’ funeral will likely be held sometime this weekend. His three children, Zak, 30, Zelda, 25, and Cody, 23, will be in attendance. His two ex-wives, Valerie Velardi (1977-1988) and Marsha Garces (1989-2008) are also expected to attend. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, almost all members of Williams’ family have released statements following his shocking death. The only person who has not spoken out publicly is Williams’ first wife, Valerie.

Obviously, this is a very hard time for the whole family… it’s a hard time for the whole world. Robin Williams was a part of everyone’s lives in different ways. He made people laugh, he made people cry, and he made people cry from laughing so hard. From Mrs. Doubtfire to Good Will Hunting to Old Dogs, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Williams’ career will never be overshadowed by his death, and his movies will be cherished for many years to come.

According to People Magazine, tributes to the late actor are already in the works. The Emmy Awards will kick off award show season on August 25, and something is being planned for that event as well. Executive producer Don Mischer suggested that Williams will be honored further than the customary Memoriam segment that plays each and every year.

“Plans for the In Memoriam segment are in discussion. While we are all still coming to terms with this week’s tragic news, we are working to give Robin Williams the proper and meaningful remembrance he so well deserves.”

People suggests that many of the presenters of the evening will also pay homage to a man that so many people simply adored. It’s going to be a very emotional night to say the least.

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