‘Batman v Superman’: Major Spoilers From An Extra On The Detroit Set

When it comes to Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, sometimes it can be difficult to sort out what is truth, what is rumor, what is confirmed and what is not. At this point, even the director, the studio, and the press seem at odds on what’s been confirmed about things like whether or not Jason Momoa’s Aquaman will be in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or not.

However, Geek Tyrant ran a story today that hits on some major spoilers from Batman v Superman, and they seem to come from a credible source: an extra who was working on the set when the film was shooting scenes in Detroit.

So, grab an extra large grain of salt, and clearly, this stuff is SPOILER-IFIC, so if you don’t want to know anything more about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, click away now.

Ben Affleck as Batman

All right. The extra said that he worked on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for ten days. In that time, he pieced together things that he overheard on set. What are those things?

First of all, the ending to Batman v Superman has already been shot. One of the scenes features Batman breaking into Lex Luthor’s headquarters, LexCorp, to steal kryptonite. The extra also said that, somehow, Lex Luthor had gotten a hold of General Zod’s corpse after Man of Steel.

The extra also spoke about the timeframe of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and that the film actually begins during the events of Man of Steel, when General Zod and Superman are having their final confrontation. As it’s happening, Bruce Wayne is attempting to make his way to the Wayne Tower in Metropolis (Geek Tyrant adds that this might be the reason for all the rubble and destruction shots from the recent set in Detroit).

Certainly the Kryptonians huge battle in Man of Steel was enough to get the attention of every superhero in the land, including Batman, and it makes sense that Bruce Wayne would make his way to Metropolis to get a closeup look at the battle.

The question of why Lex Luthor grabbed Zod’s body is up for debate. Cinema Blend speculates that perhaps Luthor, wanting to know more about the strange alien that’s come to our planet, wants Zod’s body to discover more about Superman.

Again, all these things should be taken with a grain of salt, but the extra seems legit, and the storyline he’s espousing seems to make sense. However, we probably won’t know for sure until we sit down in the theater to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

What do you think? Does the extra’s storyline and details sound legitimate?

[Image via Geek Tyrant]