Hamas Breaks Second 72-Hour Ceasefire After Just 70 Hours, Fires Rockets Into Israel

After enjoying peace and quiet for the past few days, the air raid sirens sounded once again in Israel at 9 pm local time, just two hours before the current 72-hour ceasefire between Hamas and Israel was set to expire.

This is at least the tenth ceasefire that the terrorists of Hamas have broken in the past month by sending more barrages of rockets into Israel.

At least one Hamas rocket struck Israel in the Ashkelon beach area in the south of the country, thankfully in an open space therefore causing no damage or injuries.

Due to Hamas’ previous record of not adhering to agreed ceasefires, Israel, by all accounts, is ready for the rockets, as ready as any nation can be, as thousands of IDF reservists have been deployed to the Gaza front in preparation for a possible resumption of hostilities.

The peace talks between Israel and Hamas in Cairo has been grueling with neither side that willing to be flexible on a whole host of highly contentious issues.

For their part, Hamas have acted in accordance with their previous methods and, like all good terrorists do, are basically saying to Israel, “we’ll negotiate with you but if we we don’t get our demands met we’ll simply resume shooting at you till you acquiesce to our requirements.” Not a great situation for Israel to find herself in.

For Hamas, ceasefires are nothing more than a ploy to bide time and rearm with little consideration for life on either side of the border.

Hamas know that Palestinian civilians will inevitably be killed by Israel after they fire their short- and long-range rockets at the Jewish State, and that in turn garners world sympathy and very much detracts from Israel’s military advantage over Hamas.

It will be interesting to see what Israel’s response will be to the latest round of aggression from Hamas and whether or not they will send in ground troops to topple the terrorist organization once and for all.