Dunkin' Donuts Heading West

Chris Greenhough

Dunkin' Donuts, purveyors of overly glazed fried dough and brilliant customer service, is going west.

The coffee-and-doughnuts chain is aiming to expand in untapped parts of Colorado, Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. For the record, there's approximately one Dunkin' Donuts in the Northeast for every 9,700 residents (I make that 22 cops); in the West, that ratio dips to every 1.2 million people (2,700 cops).

If you do fancy opening a DD outlet of your own, the company is going to make it worth your while. New franchisees who open stores in the aforementioned regions are being offered perks such as a lifetime supply of Bavarian Kreme 'nuts reduced royalty fees for the first three years and an extra $10,000 for local advertising.

For contributing to America's rocketing obesity problem, franchisees will also be offered flexible design concepts including free-standing stores, end caps, in-line sites, kiosks and gas stations. The only catch, according to the firm's own guidelines: you'll need to be worth three quarters of a million bucks to get started. Here's John Dawson, Chief Development Officer for Dunkin’ Brands, with some business speak:

“By joining our team, franchisees become part of a nationally established brand with over 60 years of experience and 95% brand recognition, receive the benefits of a multi-million dollar advertising fund in addition to world-class training and ongoing support, among many other benefits.”