‘Star Wars Episode VII’ News: Filming Resumes Later This Month

News that Star Wars Episode VII filming will resume later this month is welcome information for concerned fans who were impatiently waiting for the production to move forward. On Tuesday, reports indicating that J.J. Abrams was ready to get back to work were received favorably by many.

Following original cast member Harrison Ford’s injury and subsequent surgery to repair a broken leg, Disney was forced to take a break from filming Star Wars Episode VII in order to give the 72-year-old time to recover. The accident happened while the actor was on set at Pinewood Studios in London on June 12.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the latest news regarding Star Wars Episode VII is that the production is ready to get underway later this month. The website claims a source has confirmed this latest news, which seemed to be supported by recent sightings of Harrison Ford.

During the red carpet for Ford’s most recent movie, The Expendables 3, he was all smiles and looked to be in good spirits. In addition, TMZ caught up with Harrison Ford earlier this month and he responded to a question saying the would be back to work “really soon.”

All this would indicate that, indeed, Star Wars Episode VII is ready to resume filming full steam ahead. Even though Harrison Ford has been out of commission, that doesn’t mean the rest of the cast hasn’t been working. News that Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) was spotted in the remote island of Skellig Michael led to multiple rumors as to what this could mean.

The talk is that Luke has been living like a hermit since defeating the Empire in Return of the Jedi, and has not been seen or heard from since that time. By the bushy beard Hamill was sporting recently, this theory could possibly be true. Some insiders suggest that Luke is going to be like an Obi Wan Kenobi sort of character in Star Wars Episode VII, and mentors the young Jedis who are ready to face the new enemy of the galaxy far, far away.

In the meantime, J.J. Abrams has come aboard Batman v Superman’s director Zack Snyder’s little crossover game. Over the weekend, Abrams got fans talking with this treat showing C3PO dressed like Batman himself.

The latest news indicates that Star Wars Episode VII is on track to open on December 18, 2015. Stay tuned to The Inquisitr for all the recent information regarding this production.

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