Man Dies When Car Smashes Into His Home, Reveals Marijuana Growing Operation

A Chicago woman crashed her Mercury Grand Marquis into a neighbor’s house just outside of Chicago on Saturday killing the man who lived inside the home. The story could have ended there but it turns out the victim Zachary Isenberg, 28, was running a marijuana-growing operation from inside his home.

The 63-year-old driver headed directly towards Zachary’s house just as Isenberg walked over to the window, a close enough impact to kill him immediately.

Another resident in the home, Thomas J. Micucci managed to jump off the couch just before the car careened through the front of the home and then traveled through the back wall of the residence.

When investigating the scene of the accident police later discovered various guns, cash, cocaine and a marijuana-growing area.

Since Micucci lives in the home he was charged with the production of cannabis and unauthorized possession of a firearm.

In the meantime the Grand Marquis is being left in the house because “the engineer at the scene said the house will collapse when it’s removed.”

Reading this story I feel like the elderly neighbor actually did the job of a trained swat team, acting as their accidental battering ram into a criminals home without a warrant.