Texans Abandoning Donkey’s At Record Pace, Causing Headache For Officials

Donkey owners around the state of Texas have been abandoning their animals in record numbers as they lose the income needed to care for the animals.

According to the Houston Chronicle the animal abandonment has created a huge headache for animal rescue groups and state authorities who are trying to find new homes for the donkey’s.

According to Mark Meyers, head of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue:

“Donkey rescues have gone through the roof.”

Mark says those numbers are due to the high cost of feed during a drought. Peaceful Valley has taken in 500 donkey’s since March.

Another expert adds that the abandonment occurs when someone buys a donkey and doesn’t realize the high cost of ownership with a single bale of hay costing $125, more than double last year’s pricing. Donkey’s also come with long term care which can be upwards of $1000.

According to various reports donkey’s are in such high supply but low demand that owners often can’t auction them off for even enough to provide the blood test required for their sale.

Meyer’s tells the Houston Chronicle:

“You can’t sell them or give them away and you can’t feed them, so you’re stuck,” Meyers says. “They’re just releasing them on someone else’s property.”

Anyone looking to purchase a donkey is urged to contact their local donkey rescue shelter for more information, the cost is often far less than what would be spent an an auction.

If you have any information about where to adopt a donkey in the state of Texas feel free to share your organizations information in the comments section.