‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers For Episode 4×23: Abby’s Treatment Of Maddie Stirs Up Fresh Drama

What can fans expect to see go down in episode 4×23 of Dance Moms airing Tuesday night on Lifetime? It sounds as if there’s a whole lot of drama ahead, perhaps even more than is the norm lately. This episode is titled, “3 Soloists, One Star,” and fans want Dance Moms spoilers.

The network teases DanceMoms spoilers that the ALDC team will head to Virginia to compete, but Maddie is off doing big things. Ziegler is taping an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and it seems Abby Lee Miller may be feeling a bit anxious to find her next big star. As fans know Maddie has always been Abby’s favorite, and seeing the dancer move on and succeed may well be a bit of a double-edged sword for Miller.

In an attempt to fill Maddie’s shoes for the competition, Abby will pit Kendall, Chloe and Nia against one another with solos. Sarah’s mom Christy will let her jealous streak show, apparently, and it may well mean the end for their time with the ALDC. Viewers haven’t seen much of the new dancers in these new episodes, and it sounds like that’s not going to change much in this episode either.

The show’s Facebook page shared a big Dance Momsspoiler-filled preview. When Maddie is back, Abby is praising her accomplishments. Both the dancer and her mom Melissa are buzzing about their time in Los Angeles. However, it’s clear the other girls and moms are a bit annoyed by it all.

Things will get even more tense and dramatic. Abby tells Maddie that since she’s “kind-of on a different level now,” Abby is going to have Maddie help choreograph the three solos of the other dancers. The moms, of course, naturally see this as yet another way for Miller to drive a wedge between Maddie and the other girls. Last week the attention was on Maddie getting her first kiss during a routine, and this week she’s front-and-center with big opportunities not afforded the other ALDC girls.

How does it all play out in the competition? The Dance Moms spoiler Wikia page says that the ALDC contemporary group dance called “Gypsy Princesses” takes first place in the competition, and it seems that Maddie does perform in this number. Kendall’s “Pretty Tragedy” lyrical solo takes first place, while Chloe’s solo takes second. Nia’s jazz solo will garner her fourth place.

It sounds like there are some great performances ahead in episode 4×23, but of course there is drama as well. Are the moms making too much out of Maddie Ziegler’s opportunities, or is Abby Lee Miller out of line in how she’s handling it? Tune in to Dance Moms airing on Tuesday, Aug. 12 to see how all of the drama unfolds.

[Image via Lifetime/Scott Gries 2014]