Kindest Dog Ever Tries To Save Fishes By Splashing Them With Water! [Video]

Rahul Srinivas

A video showing a dog desperately trying to save fishes that have been seemingly caught by fishermen is fast going viral. The video uploaded to YouTube and LiveLeak shows the dog coming across motionless fishes lying in what seems to be a fish market. Not realizing that the fishes are dead, the dog tries to splash water on to their bodies - seemingly in an attempt to save them. You can probably detect the look of concern on the face of the dog as it desperately attempts to revive the motionless fishes.

It is unclear as to where the incident has actually occurred. The video description on YouTube says that this heart melting event occurred in the Phetchaburi province of Thailand. This is however yet to be confirmed.

Here is what the video description says (in poor English);

In the city of Phetchaburi in Thailand, a dog discovered the fish out of the water and unconscious on the pavement. It will try not to let them die by spraying water with its snout. Besides the fish are few puddles. The dog will then sprinkle the fish, as if he wished they would not die. Touching!

Have you seen anything like this before? Don't you think the dog teaches us all a powerful lesson about the preciousness of life?

[Image Via YouTube]