Mayim Bialik Set To Host All-New Candid Camera, Admits She Sucks At Jeopardy

Mayim Bialik seems to have no end of talent and is now spreading her wings even wider as she prepares to take on her new role as host for the all-new Candid Camera.

The Big Bang Theory starlet spoke to TV Guide Magazine about her new role and revealed some interesting inside information about herself. When asked why Candid Camera and not a show like Jeopardy, which is much more suited to Bialik’s intellectual level, she replied candidly:

“I appreciate that! I’m actually terrible at Jeopardy! This is a really neat fit, because they’re happy to have a female who’s interested in the larger issues. As Peter Funt, my producer and cohost said, “I’m more than just a pretty face.'”

The publication then asked Mayim Bialik, presumably to test her intellect a little, what Candid Camera would be measuring if it were a scientific experiment.

Bialik responded:

“It is kind of a giant social experiment to see how people behave when there’s no logical explanation for why things are happening. It’s fascinating to see how people try to make sense of these gags.”

When Bialik was asked if she felt the format of the show is the same now as it always was, she replied:

“What’s nice about the show is that, if you can still hide cameras and create scenarios that are amusing to an audience and believable to the people who are participating, it doesn’t really need to change.”

For those of you who don’t know, Candid Camera is an American hidden camera/practical joke reality television series which was the brain child of Allen Funt, who also the producer. It initially aired as a radio show called The Candid Microphone in June 1947; it hit TV screens on August 10, 1948.

We think Mayim Bialik will be a great host for the show, but we will all find out for sure when the all-new Candid Camera makes its debut in the weeks ahead.