WWE News: Ring Of Honor Star Kevin Steen Officially Signs With WWE

One man has dominated the entire Independent scene over the past few years. That man is Kevin Steen. He was at a show in Pittsburgh where he had the fans chanting, “ROPE!” Personally, no man that I can think of could make fans chant ” rope” during a wrestling show. WWE had to know about his fantastic wrestling ability and even better microphone skills.

For the past few months, it was rumored that Steen would be taking his talents to the WWE. A photo surfaced today that has Steen shaking hands with Triple H at the NXT Developmental Center. On top of that, he’s wearing a t-shirt with NXT right in the center.

Kevin Steen

It is now official; the WWE has the best wrestling promotion on the planet. At the moment you read that statement, it does indeed sound laughable. However, take a look at the recent signings the WWE have made, and then the general public’s opinion will change drastically.

  1. Kenta – Kenta was a famous Indy wrestler for Pro Wrestling NOAH. Other superstars around the world have replicated his moves. CM Punk, for example, took his finishing move and made it the GTS. As a big figure in the Indy scene, he signed with the WWE a few weeks ago. Triple H and Hulk Hogan made the announcement during a tour in Japan.
  2. Prince Devitt – Perhaps the most sensational signing in the HHH-era, he came from a slightly bigger stage than Kenta, New Japan Pro Wrestling. Devitt conquered the territory by winning the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title three times and six tag-team titles to complement his singles’ success.
  3. Kevin Steen – A Ring of Honor legend, Steen amazed the fans across the US with his in-ring style and vicious microphone work. His matches with El Generico (now Sami Zayn in WWE) were some of the best in Independent wrestling history. He has the agility of Tyler Breeze, combined with the natural power of Big E. All-around; he is a main-event guy in WWE.

Don’t forget, the talent pool NXT already has with Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze, Charlotte, Bayley, the Ascension, and many more to give Steen excellent competition. With Steen, Kenta and Devitt coming in at the same time, expect 5-star matches at every taping. He said goodbye to his legions of fans in ROH, and over the last five days, started a countdown on Twitter.


— Kevin Steen (@FightSteenFight) August 11, 2014

WWE still has yet to confirm the reports, but the photo is definitely not fake. It started at five on August 7 and ended today. The excitement will be through the roof at NXT when Steen first appears. The feeling will be just like when CM Punk debuted in ECW. That’s a guarantee.

UPDATE: WWE has now confirmed the Kevin Steen signing on Twitter. The picture is accurate from the one posted above and he will be starting in NXT soon.

[Images via wrestlingnewssource.com and cagesideseats.com]