Portia De Rossi And Ellen DeGeneres Divorce: A Figment Of Randy Jernigan’s Imagination?

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi seem to be in the news every other day at the moment with ever-increasingly outlandish headlines relating to apparent marital issues they are having.

Over the past few months, there have been literally tens of different allegations from cheating to drunken arguments, and even secretly filmed fights, always revealed to the celebrity media by some anonymous source or “insider.”

But where does the information about a celebrity marriage come from?

In this case, there seems to be one culprit who is the main source or insider. An author named Randy Jernigan, who wrote the book, The Life and Career of Ellen DeGeneres, and who has previously written allegedly untrue allegations about Daniel Radcliffe

In the book, which just doesn’t read quite right from the outset, Jernigan makes all types of outlandish allegations about the Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres marriage. He suggests, for example, “Ellen will sabotage her relationship with Portia by intentionally trying to make her jealous.”

The book continues to reveal: “Portia is very insecure and always accuses Ellen of hitting on women and cheating, leading to days of fighting. Sometimes Ellen won’t come home for days at a time during their fights.”

The question is, how does Jernigan know these things?

In his book, The Life and Career of Daniel Radcliffe, he claims to have compiled gossip from at least 19 of Radcliffe’s closest buddies and colleagues, even though Jernigan failed to verify a single name that he used in the book as his “source.”

As far as Portia de Rossi and Ellen Degeneres are concerned, things seem to be pretty sweet at the moment as the couple were spotted on vacation recently in Croatia and were “all smiles” for the cameras. On top of that, they are the proud new owners of a luxury Beverly Hills condo which they intend to move into soon.

So, if you see a book on the shelf in your local bookstore with a title beginning with “The Life and Career of…” and an author with the name Randy Jernigan, beware! We aren’t sure his information is 100 percent authentic.